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How to add image and video clip to the Shop page in the Main Menu

Go to Products> Add New for the new course or All Products to change existing course.

Make sure that is the Course you want to add to the Shop page in the Main Menu:

Then, scroll down and put the price, it has to be in AUD:

Scroll down again to Product short description:

Click Add Media to upload the video:

Click Insert at the bottom:

Click Insert into Post, make sure the size = Height (720 pixels) Width (1280 pixels) maximum.

Then go to Product Image:

Click Set product image:

Choose from Media Library or Upload Files:

Make sure the size is no more than 196 x 257 pixels

Click Set product image at the bottom:

Go to the right top Publish page:

Click Status: Draft Edit:

Change to Pending Review and Click OK.

Then, email [email protected] For a new course, admin will publish for you after everything is okay.

For editing the existing course: Go to All Products and choose which course you want to edit:

Click Edit.

The remaining procedure is the same, except you can publish without Admin help.

Any questions please contact us.

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